Tips on How to Stop Smoking Weed: A Psychological Approach

You think that smoking weed is taking a toll on you and you want to stop it. Here is the ugly truth: it is not going to be easy. It has never been easy for anyone to stop any form of addition. This is not to scare or to discourage you, but it is a fact that you have to admit to yourself if you want to quit smoking weed for good. Another ugly truth is that it will be easier for you to stop it now. You find it hard to continue reading this because it is really hard to stop it right away, and you do not want to believe that it is possible today. No one is ever prepared enough to quit any addiction.

The More You Postpone it the Harder it Becomes for You


Every addiction will only get you more addicted if you postpone quitting. Every weed smoker thinks it would be easier the next day than today, but they forget that the next day only comes with another dose circulating in their blood and taking control of their brains. This is one of the important things you need to know about how to stop smoking weed. You have to accept that it is going to be really hard. But no one can help you. Whether you want to do it by yourself or you need professional assistance, your success will depend on your determination to stop the addiction. First, you need to admit that it brings you nothing good. It can only damage your health, your reputation, and your relationships.

Confront Your Fear of Getting Hurt


When you become addicted to weed or other substances, your body becomes used to it. At one point you even start thinking that it is part of you. The moment you’re high starts to be the pivotal period of your day. Yes, smoking weed becomes part of you and it will really hurt cutting that part and destroying it. When you think about quitting, you can start feeling the withdrawal symptoms. This is not going to last long. Within a very short period of time, the symptoms such as nausea, irritability, mood swings, and many others will disappear. All you need is the courage to say: “I want my freedom back. I want to be whole. I want my life.” If you can say this with conviction and then translate that conviction into action, you’ll abandon the addiction in no time.


Practical Steps to Stop Smoking Weed


Now it’s time to translate your conviction into reality. First, you make sure that your room is cleared of all smoking paraphernalia, including ashtrays, lighters, objects that are associated with smoking, however subtle the association may be. Make your decision to stop smoking weed known to family, friends, and to your support group. You’ll need them a lot as they can complement your urges with friendship and moral support.

Second, replace your smoking with another activity; you can talk long walks, cook, go to the gym, or talk to a friend over the phone. Whenever you feel the strong urge to smoke, make sure you do something useful. In the end, you’ll accomplish two great things: stopping smoking weed and doing something great for your life. There is a great friend who replaced his moments of intense urges with guitar lessons. He succeeded to stop smoking weed and became a virtuoso on the guitar.

Third, be ready to face the consequences of your decision. You will feel nothing on the first day, but from the second and third days, you’ll start having the withdrawal symptoms. Face them stoically as they’ll only last for few days.

 You can stop smoking weed if you really want. Your success will depend on your understanding of how it affects your way of looking at weed and the firm determination to quit. The best moment to start quitting is today.



With doctor’s fees rising, prescription drug costs soaring and hospital bills commonly reaching as much as $15,000 a day, can any American nowadays afford to get sick?

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